Purple Cocktail to Celebrate International Women’s Day

Purple Cocktail to Celebrate International Women’s Day

Power of Women and the Meaning of Colour Purple

Every year, the 8th of March is honoured as International Women’s Day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It has great importance to raise awareness about women’s equality and accelerate gender parity. This year, we don’t have a chance to gather with people physically to celebrate so I decided to show my support by making a gin based Purple Cocktail.

purple cocktail with gin and ice
You can change the shade of your drink by changing the ratio of blue and red ingredients.

Why Purple?

Purple, green and white are the colours of International Women’s Day as stated on IWD’s website. The colour purple signifies justice and dignity, green symbolizes hope, white represents purity, albeit a controversial concept. It is also the most common one being used to symbolise women. It’s not easy to make a purple cocktail without using a purple drink itself, such as a violet liqueur or gin. I didn’t want to use those very attractive purple/violet drinks because they usually have a significant flavour that not everyone would like. Instead, I created a purple syrup. You can mix it with any spirit of your choice, as long as it is colourless.

Here’s my purple syrup:

You must try and find your shade of purple with your products because even though the math is as simple as “red+blue makes purple”, it depends a lot on the saturation, shade and density of the drink you have on hand. My Bols and Barndinet gave me the result of a dark purple with the ratio I have given above. And adding a colourless syrup in it made it a bit lighter.

purple cocktail in a glass filled with ice

I decided to use this syrup with gin which is my favourite spirit. Filled my glass with lots of ice, added 2 oz gin and topped it up with a delicious Fever Tree tonic.

Being a woman in a man-ruled world, I had many troubles in my life but never gave up on standing for what I believe, what I know is right. Even with the troubles I had, I know that not every woman is lucky as I was and I am. Believing in human rights, believing in equality means being a feminist. I believe in collective movement, I believe that one cannot make a difference but together, we can! This is how I chose to show my standing this year because this is what I have started doing to make my voice heard.

hand painting nails with purple nail polish and a purple cocktail on a wooden table with some dry flowers
Going on purple on nails, having a purple drink… It is not just about the colour; it is expressing your stand.

Let me know how you feel about this important day, share your thoughts and make your voice heard.

Cheers =)

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