It all started with a lockdown

It all started with a lockdown

Hi! I’m Dolun. I love cocktails but never bothered to make them myself at home until I met the first lockdown of my life. I had no idea about homemade cocktails… But, there have been some other lockdowns after the first one, even one of them is still going on while I’m writing these. And honestly, we still don’t know what will happen to our lives next.

So, during those boring times, when we were expecting that everything will be back normal soon, I decided to distract myself by making cocktails and share it with others. That’s how I started learning techniques and  experimenting on cocktails. And having them tried by my family and my friends. Mostly by my husband, poor him but luckily, he loves most of them (or maybe he just says so, apart from his comments always being “I’d prefer a beer”). An apparently, many people really love cocktails!

How to start on Homemade Cocktails?

I wasn’t sure what kind of cocktails I could make at home but as I tried more, I realised that it was not hard to make the basic and popular ones, as well as creating my own. You’ll see many standard recipes in this blog which helped me to create my own recipes.

So, here it is with tried and loved recipes including some useful information! You can search through the drinks or go to the main categories in the recipes as you like such as Gin Cocktails, Vodka Cocktails or Tequila Cocktails. There are many other tags with different ingredients so feel free to search anything you’re looking for.

All photos are taken by my husband, Bugra, who is a professional photographer. You can follow him on Instagram -> @under.colour

And you can follow me on Instagram, too -> @shakethecolours  Feel free to tag me on your posts if you try the drinks on my blog, to show me what you got or just to chat 🙂

You can also see amazing photos of these delicious cocktails on my Pinterest account as Shake the Colours.

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Cheers and happy cocktails!